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Contemporary Trap with touches of reggaeton and pure local vacileo. Both originals from the neighborhood of Godella, they grew up together and were fundamental pieces for each other in the development of their careers. After a year of hard work in which both unveiled mixtapes of which we had already seen several previews, Nemesis by Kenya and Loyal et Pur by Kitty110, we finally witnessed a joint live performance for the first time in Barcelona, in the unmistakable Tarantos room of Club Jamboree under the umbrella of Mas i Mas Festival.


Kitty started her career like few artists, approaching the million views when she had only two entries on her channel. Originally from Godella, her music is an ode to the neighborhood that she uses to empty and let off steam. Honest, without pretending to be something she is not and an unconditional Hello Kitty fan.

Her first release was Verde París, a feat with Kenya Racaile. Then came Dos Caminos, a single produced by Saudade with Amex. He closed his next stage after his move to Barcelona with the compilation Loyal et Pur and today he surprises us with Por la Noche. Stay tuned because there are many more new releases coming soon between live performances and new singles, as always, we can’t be more proud of her.

Kenya Racaile

If you ask her what her references are, you would never believe that they come from the French scene.

Kenya Racaile is a Valencian artist from 95, consolidated in the Spanish scene defending the underground with a fiery atmosphere and with a rough but at the same time modest attitude. In April 2018 she debuted with her first single Guilty, chaining releases of already known tracks such as Tú me llamas mami, Azabache, Honey, Honey, Dakar, Gárgola, and the most recent, Facetime.  He has collaborated with different artists such as Luna Ki in his single Rivotril, La Kitty with Verde Paris or Leftee who besides being his producer also appears in Nadie la frontea and Ecstasy as an artist.

He does not stop growing. As of today he has generated with his music more than 4 million views between Youtube and Spotify, being Tú me llamas mami his star song surpassing the million views.

He has performed at events such as La Cangri, Onfire, Gang Club, Costa Social Club, Sala La3, Latex Club, Tikitiki Hot and La Golfa Club among many others nationwide in addition to Agence f141 in Paris.

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