FLAMENCO QUEER - Jamboree Dance

Rubén Heras dancer, Jero Férec guitar, Ana Brenes vocals, Jesús Campos percussion.

Flamenco Queer was born in October 2019, the result of the union of the badalonés dancer Rubén Heras and the London guitarist Jero Férec. The project proposes a traditional flamenco that starts from identity and claims inclusivity in flamenco, always remembering the confluence of the queer, transvestite and flamenco community that took place in the neighborhoods of Raval and Poble-Sec at the beginning of the twentieth century. Flamenco Queer proposes a dynamic and aesthetically unique show, always seeking intersectional representation among artists, with the aim of giving visibility to the presence and queer contribution in all aspects of flamenco culture, both current and historical.



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