FLAMENCO QUEER - Jamboree Dance

Rubén Heras baile, Lidia Mora cante, Fefa Gómez cante, Jero Férec guitarra.

In October 2019, the dancer from Badalona Rubén Heras and the London guitarist Jero Férec launched Flamenco Queer, a flamenco painting that incorporates themes such as HIV, BDSM and intragender violence. Flamenco Queer made his first steps in the bar La Federica (Poble-sec) and proposes a series of vindicative dialogues with a style halfway between recital, performance, aesthetics and scenography. In their career they have had collaborations such as those of the cantaoras Lidia Mora —present in this session— Ana Brenes, Sara Sambola and Cristina López, and the star of the ballrrom Jay Revlon and the drag queen Norma Mor. They have also premiered the show “La canción del mariquita” (creation space El Konvent), in tribute to Lorca, and have performed at the VIHsibles festival (Valencia). Queer Flamenco is not only a breath of fresh air, but also a way to make visible the reality and contribution of queer culture to the universe of flamenco.