Dj Eley + Leche de Tigre - Jamboree Dance
Room  1: Jamboree Dance

Dj Eley + Leche de Tigre

Room  2: Jamboree Sala 2

Leche de Tigre + Joe Cabana & Raid Druman

12 Members
15 Door


Room  1: Jamboree Dance
Dj Eley + Leche de Tigre

Dj Eley

Dj Eley born in Lima, Peru 34 years ago and raised in Barcelona, has been influenced by black music and world dishes from an early age, sharing the hobby with his dedication, which gives a broad musical knowledge new as old school. His sessions are a mixture of the most current Hip Hop, R & B through the most danceable dancehall old school touches but always maintaining a most lively line for the club. Despite his young age has shared Eley DJ booth with DJ’s most recognized hip hop scene of Barcelona as DJ Yoda, DJ Flavio Rodriguez, Dj Davin, DJ Marco DaSoul, Kunta DJ K. .. and European DJs like DJ Master Lee.

Room  2: Jamboree Sala 2
Leche de Tigre + Joe Cabana & Raid Druman



Inspired by the fable of the serpent, Leche de Tigre is presented as the antidote to darkness.

With the intention that the spirituality of the dance becomes a ritual, EL ANTIDOTO uses a happy music-cultural fusion. Associated with world music, very organic music that tells a story of ethnic groups, tribes and roots, that unites people and that allows to create a link with artistic content. An exchange of vibrations that create a brighter, happier atmosphere, with more color and better energy. A different message that inspires people, giving the opportunity to heal, liberate and purify the soul to the rhythm of ethnic, tribal and ethereal sounds.


If you ever want to know what you really need to be a good DJ, take a look at Joe Cabana, because he’s got it. The thing is that, beyond technique, which he has plenty of, our resident DJ has a greater capacity to understand what it is that makes a club night special and connect with the dancefloor, rising to almost supernatural levels. At top speed and with maximum certainty, Joe Cabana manages to fit up to 300 tunes in a single session and escape unscathed. And all this without shame or self-consciousness, which is just as it should be.

Special Guest Dj

ANDY GREY (Radio Gladys Palmera)

This powerful dj, currently in charge of programming at Ràdio Gladys Palmera, will come to leche de tigre with a gale of melodies and danceable tropical rhythms with touches of electronica that will be the delight of the audience!

Djs: Andy Grey + Joe Cabana + Dj Raid

Jamboree Dance
Plaça Reial, 17, 08002 Barcelona
Room 2
Jamboree Sala 2
Plaça Reial, 17, 08002 Barcelona
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