CHÚCARA - Jamboree Dance

Felipe Urrutia voice, Constanza Fabiani clarinet, voice, Victor Romero guitar, Octavio Gonzalez Navarro guitar, Paolo Silva bass, Jose Manuel Leal percussion, Peruvian drawer, Wiro light percussion, Lis Mendoza second voice.

Chúcara is made up of a group of musicians from Chile, Peru and Argentina living in Barcelona. The band blends various Latin American folk styles, Catalan rumba and Peruvian cúmbia. In their spectacular career, they have performed at venues in the city, like the Absenta in the Raval district, Jordi de Julieta and at the Tarantos, as well as at Café de la Palma in Madrid. They have also recorded an eponymous EP and three singles – Kemane, Chaleco antibalas and Obra la Teva – available on all digital platforms. In December, they cross the pond to perform in Chile and release their fourth official video, and their first album is due to come out in 2022. But before all that they will come to the Latineo, the showcase for Barcelona’s most Latin side.




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